About Alison

I am a geology enthusiast and artist based in Portland, Oregon. I travel all over the western deserts in search of material to use in my craft.

There is a special place in my heart for colorful rocks. I  pick up a lot of material from all over the world at gem shows, too. My studio set up is pretty small. I'm a one woman show. I make slabs from large chunks of rock on a slab slaw, and then trim those into smaller pieces on a trim saw. I use a special grinding wheel called a flat lap to work each piece into its desired shape. 

I am a proud member of the Mt. Hood Rock Club in Portland, Oregon where I learned to cut stones from members Susie and Deb in 2014. It changed my life! 

Each winter I publish THUNDEREGG a literary journal that focuses on the changing face of rockhounding culture. 

Consider joining me on one of my rock collecting trips through the desert west! You can find trip updates and stay in touch with me on instagram @alisonjeancole. I love to chat about rocks. DM me! Or feel free to send me an email, too. :-)